Walt Disney has been one of my favorite companies. Let’s study their corporate core purpose and values!        


According to official website of Disney Company, since its founding in 1923, the Walt Disney Company is committed to producing unparalleled entertainment experiences based on its exceptional creative content and unique storytelling. Today, Disney is divided into four major business segments: Studio Entertainment, Parks and Resorts, Consumer Products, and Media Networks. Each segment comprises of integrated, well-connected businesses that operate in synergy to maximize exposure and growth worldwide. For instance, Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida is the largest single-site employer in the United States.  It is operated every day of the week and managed by a workforce of more than 55, 000 “cast members.” This city could handle hundreds of thousands of people in a crowded day.  The cast members serve and entertain millions of “guests” every year.      


The Disney Company’s service ethic is reflected in what the following founder’s statement, “My business is making people, especially children, happy.”  It is simple but it is the basis for its mission as a business.  It represents what the company stands for and why it exists.  In other words, the core purpose of Walt Disney is to make people happy.  In 1955, their service theme was, “We create happiness.”  Furthermore, this visionary company has five core values. They are listed as below:

  1. No cynicism allowed 
  2. Fanatical attention to consistency and detail
  3. Continuous progress via creativity, dreams, and imagination
  4. Fanatical control and preservation of Disney’s “magic” image
  5. “To bring happiness to millions” and to celebrate, nurture, and promulgate “wholesome American values.”

Obviously, we can learn the significance of having clearly-defined core values from the Disney Company. According to Jim Collins and Jerry Porras, co-authors of the book, Build To Last, both the core purpose and core values constitute the core ideology of Disney Company.  Based on this core ideology, it drives the corporate culture of Walt Disney company. The leaders would die, products would become obsolete, markets would change, new technologies could emerge, and management fads may come and go, but the core ideology in a great company endures as a source of guidance and inspiration.  

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